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Silky smooth from heel to toe

The most effective and precise way to buff dry, cracked, and calloused skin

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With Precise Pedi you can have professional pedicure results at home!

What's the secret?

We take foot care seriously.

Precise Pedi treats all the key problematic and challenging areas that other pedicure machines fail to tackle effectively:


Say goodbye to rough and cracked heels. Precise Pedi’s round tips are ergonomically designed to follow the natural curves of your heels to smooth calloused and dry skin effortlessly.

Sole & Sides

Soles and sides are the most extensive areas that can be affected by calluses and dry skin; that’s where the large round tips come in! They maximize effectiveness while minimizing your effort. Glide Precise Pedi all-around your sole and sides of your feet and buff away calloused skin in no time.


Toes can be the most challenging area to treat, but the thin cone tips enable you to reach all the tight spots and hone in with laser-like precision in between your toes giving you radiant and smooth skin.

The proof is in the pedi.

Beautiful feet start with beautiful, smooth, and radiant skin. Precise Pedi does precisely that. You don’t have to be embarrassed to expose your toes and feet anymore. With Precise Pedi, it’s sandals and strappy shoe season again. Wear your favorite shoes and flaunt your feet with confidence. Make sure your feet are always at their best and achieve a silky smooth look and feel.